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The rich nutty flavor and crunchy texture comes from our secret family sprouting process
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●  Sprouting reduces fat content while enhancing flavor, nutty texture and nutritional values.
 Sprouting removes enzyme inhibitors allowing better assimilation of valuable nutrients.
●  Sprouted Almonds are healthier, easier to chew and digest.
  Raw Whole Ready-To-Eat Foods. No Additives. No Preservatives.
  You'll Love 'em.  Everyone Does. Try Some Today! You'll be Glad You Did!

        Embrace Our Vision

Sprouting has a purpose. Almonds have enzyme inhibitors in them. This is why almonds can remain stored for many years (even hundreds).
To eat un-sprouted almonds is to eat these enzyme inhibitors... which will inhibit the enzymes y-o-u need to digest your food.
Sprouting Removes the Enzyme Inhibitors! Nutritionally, you get more "bang-for-your-buck"!

In 2003, Rey Longhurst, Formula/Recipe Inventor, Trademark Owner, Founder and CEO of the privately owned Sprouted Almonds
, LLC,
caught the vision of an unusually unique product that was, back then, considered to be nearly a decade "ahead of its time". His "gut feeling" was that
the product would eventually become a high demand item. He was right!

With the help of his wife, family and a few key associates, Rey's Sprouted Almonds
have, since 2004, become a popular Super Food now available
 in hundreds of locations across the USA.
Although this measure of success has been achieved, it is only the beginning of a grand, forward movement associated with, perhaps,
A Global Leader in the field of Sprouted Super Foods.

Embrace Our Vision!

Just when you may have thought that Almonds had pretty much been exploited, then came the Original Gourmet Sprouted Almonds!

 Almonds date back to the biblical creation time of Adam & Eve. High in fiber, protein and other valuable nutrients,
almonds were carried as a snack food on camels, horses and mules across deserts, mountains and rivers.
They were traded as a valuable commodity and considered to be not only the perfect snack food but a nutritious storage and staple item.
 (Don't leave home without them!)

Almonds have been peeled, blanched, chopped, sliced, milled, milked, roasted, coated and panned with every imaginable ingredient from
cinnamon to sugars! From chocolates to yogurts. And more!

What about sprouted almonds? They are moistened until they sprout and then eaten. Just add water over night! Seems so simple!
Sprouting fundamentally changes the composition of the almond in less than 12 hours. 
It transforms into a soft and very desirable ready to eat snack food. One can sense the nutritional power inside the bite sized, yummy snack.
Truly one of God's precious creations! Designed for the human race at large!
Sprouting "unlocks" the nutrients inside the nut for easy digestion and assimilation.

Just at the right time, the sprouting process is halted when the almonds are dehydrated for long term shelf life.
You'll Love 'em! Everyone Does!
 Distinctively unique and crunchy, naturally healthy and satisfying!  

The Original Gourmet Sprouted Almonds!

We are committed to working with you to help develop a long lasting partnership
whether you are a broker, distributor, manager, sales associate, business owner, re-packer, supplier, jobber, manufacturer or consumer.
You are an important part of our working relationships!
Join us today! We look forward to establishing with you a

Mutually Beneficial & Profitable Partnership!

We do what we say we will do! We do it when we say we will do it!
Just ask anyone who already does business with us!
Since 2004 we have kept our word with hundreds of businesses and individuals.

We perform for YOU!

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The Original Gourmet Sprouted Almonds!

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You'll Love 'em! Everyone Does!